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Out of all of the possible ways in which one can use to design a logo, arguably the most famous and used one today is the logo maker generator, especially the ones that work online and that don’t require any downloading, since they simplify the whole process even more. However, nothing is perfect and, we are sorry to say, these generators do have a lot of cons that you really need to consider before deciding to work with one of them. To help you, we have put a few of those cons together down below for you.

They really lack that personal touch

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but the logos that come out of these generators are very generic and they lack that personal touch. When you hire someone, or when you design the logo yourself, you can really see when someone has put their heart and soul into the finished product and that is simply not the case with generators because the logos that they generate are ones that are meant for a certain target audience and not for a specific person and brand.

They can be easily copied

Again, something that really shouldn’t come as news. When the logo maker generators does its job, the logo that it has generated for you can be the same one as for a hundred other people, if not more. And even after the customization process, there is still the huge chance that someone will use the same tools as you and be attracted to the same font and colors as you which means that you will end up having the same logo as someone else, which can really be harmful to your business.

The logos are missing originality

The point of a logo it so really stand out and be unique in order to capture your customer’s attention and keep it as long as possible. Using a generator when making your logo runs you the risk of coming up with a logo that really isn’t that original. Despite that fact that your search will often give you multiple options, the set that the generator has is very limited which means that you will, again, most likely be getting the same results as someone else which really is a disadvantage.

There is no doubt that an online logo maker generator can be a great tool. The fact that it is either free or cheap, easy to use and lets you come up with a logo design in a very short amount of time are definitely some great things that you also need to consider. And now with these cons in front of you, it is up to you to really evaluate the situation and figure out if the pros do still manage to outweigh the cons, because in the end that is what will be the deciding factor.